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Almaty, March 1999 - Oktober 2000

We had expected Almaty to be long way behind from the Netherlands. After a year and a half we know that Almaty is not the backward place we thought it to be. It proves once again that you never know what a place is like until you get there! A touristic overview for the people who didn't make it to Almaty while we were based here.


When we arrived, the streets were full of potholes. Most of them have been repaired.


If Dutch people have ever heard of Almaty, that used to be called Alma Ata, it's because of the skating ring Medeo. Dutch skaters set some important records here, when there was no indoor skating yet.


Medeo from a higher point of view.


The ski resort Shymbulak is too small to attract tourists for a skiing holiday.


But it's an excellent place for expats to go regularly in the weekends.


Blossom and snow. The climate only needs a few weeks to switch from winter to summer.


Zenkov cathedral, one of the main highlights in Almaty (there's not much to see....)


Monument for the victims of the Second World War.


Republican square.


The market, called green bazaar.


The house where we lived the last year. With a Russian banya (sauna) and a big garden. Almaty, we don't want to go! Work decided otherwise. We are going to experience real hardship in Sakhalin...


Let's not forget about Tijger. He loved Almaty even more than we did. He is sad to say goodbye to all his beloved friends. Don't worry, not a country, but a world full of other cats!