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Almaty parties, March 1999 - October 2000

Where there are people, there are parties.


Ready for a Kazakh wedding in my Kazakh clothing. Invited by former teacher Mayra, whose cousin is getting married.


And off course they said "yes". He's 35 years of age, she's only 19.


Kazakh people always invite loads of people. Food for everyone.


The next day, another Kazakh wedding! Getting married is popular in Almaty. This time it's a colleague Aider is going to get married, with.... Aida!


Hundreds of toasts means lots of Vodka.


Emile had to do a speech too...


Christmas dinner at our house turned into a real party.


Millennium girls Renske (my brother's girlfriend) and Asia (best friend in Almaty!).


More Millennium girls...


Emile all dressed up for his 46th birthday party.


Birthday speech in the garden.