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Almaty visitors, March 1999 - October 2000

Some people dared to come and visit us. Afraid we have to do without them in Sakhalin, the real hardship posting...


Stef, Jos and Gordon, friends from Syria, were the first. They stayed in Almaty for a couple of days in September 1999, on the way to China.


October 1999: My mother enthusiastically pointing out the name of a Dutch skater at the skating ring Medeo.


More Medeo.


My mother in a restaurant in the mountains.


My brother Ronald came to Almaty with his girlfriend Renske at the end of December 1999, seeking for a Millennium bug or other excitement. He got it (see images: snow adventure in Kyrgystan).


In front of the Barakholkar bazaar with Renske. It's about ten square kilometres big and you can find anything there, apart from food.


Charles, who I know from Journalism school, stayed a few days with his girlfriend Els, after a research trip in Semipalatinsk and Astana in northern Kazakhstan.


And last but not least: Birgit, Emile's sister in June 2000.