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Relaxing on Corfu, August 2001

We definitely needed a break. Greece, here we come again!


The 'Liston' in Corfu town.


We came very often in the Liston for breakfast, drinking lots of fresh orange juice to make up for vitamin shortages.


It was a puzzled holiday for Emile. Every day, we bought the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf, not for the news, no, for the puzzle. The puzzles in quality newspapers as the Volkskrant and NRC were too difficult...


The old fortress situated on a peninsula. Great spot for seeing expensive yachts entering the harbour and dream on about having one ourselves.


We also kept on dreaming about buying a house in Greece (but didn't get any closer). This one would have been nice if it was not for ten thousands of tourists visiting every year. The emperor of Austria and empress Sisi had this built.


This is Paxos, a small island not too far from Corfu. We visited it for one day (wanted to stay overnight, but the bloody Italians invade the place every summer so all rooms were fully booked). Very cute place!