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Curacao, July 2002

It was the second time Emile and me visited Curacao. His mother has lived there for years and this was the last time she was making the long journey. Many of Emile's family had come too (most of the shots didn't come out well..... I was experimenting a little... sorry!). Farewell Curacao. The black and white shots are my first own printed pictures!


The 'Penha' is one of the most famous buildings in Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. It reminds of the golden age when Holland still meant something in the world..... Where have the good old times gone.....


Another Curacao highlight: the ferry ramp. When the bell rings, people often have to run to make it to the other side, otherwise they can be stuck for a long time.


This beauty here is Ilze, daughter of Emile's sister Birgit and her husband Jacques.


The floating market.


Tourism was bad this year after all the negative articles in the press about drug trafficking on the flight from the Netherlands to Curacao. This cruise ship, transporting hundreds of Americans, was the only hope for business for the islanders.


Who says I can't have long hair? It took 8.5 hours to put 148 braids in. I'm smiling here, but it was a real torture when hairdresser Paula was trying to 'catch' my short hair (she pulled very hard) . Every day, I lost one (my hair was simply too short......), so after five days I decided to remove them..... All this pain for such little joy. Maybe it's true I can't have long hair after all?


Sandra had braids done too. Lucky her, it wasn't quite so painful as she has long hair.


Isn't it cute? Visit to an ostrich farm.


This one is just a few days old!


And this ostrich is one year. After a few years they're slaughtered, so cruel...... Guess what we had for food in the restaurant?