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Holiday Greece, July 2000

Island hopping in the Peleponese in Greece with a sailing boat. Sounds nice, but they didn't tell us that we had to share a twelve meter boat with nine people... Good test to see how far we could stretch our limit of irritation.



As a real sailor, Emile is inspecting the ship.


It wasn't just crowded on our ship. Every harbour we entered was packed. The other boats watched how we, often clumsely, tried to find a place in the harbour.


No comment.


Eating super fresh calamaris every day.


It was even shorter before...


Emile doesn't want to show his new haircut.


Monemvasia at the coast of the Greek main land, south of Athens. Wouldn't you love to live here? Too many tourists, though.
Stepped in a concrete hole in the harbour. It wasn't broken, but I had to stay on board for two days. Thanks crew, for serving the calamaris from the restaurant board!


Can't remember ever seeing a sunset like this in Holland...