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Indonesia, October 1999

Invited by our friends from Almaty Keith and Santi to come to Indonesia. Unfortunately, Emile couldn't make it. Although Santi has been living in Indonesia for years, she hadn't seen all of Java and Bali. My visit was a good opportunity to change that, since I always want to see everything and was in need of some nice company....


Visiting the Fujis in Bandung, the Paris of Indonesia. On the right the Fujis, on the left Keith and Santi, here in front of the Domas crater, that erupted for the last time in 1962.


One of the thousands of temples on Bali. It is said that every village needs to have at least three temples.


View from a bedjak.


Plenty of beautiful paddy fields on Bali.


Balinese dancing.


Difficult to get a picture from this Balinese temple during sunset. Hundreds of tourists are in the way to catch the same moment......


The active vulcano Bromo on central Java last erupted in 1995. Thank God, no black smoke, a sign of a new eruption coming. We had to get up at three 'o clock in the night to see the sunrise...


The palace of the sultan in Surabaya, central Java.


The Borobodur, central Java, built around the year 650. It is the biggest Buddhist monoment in the world and one of the seven world wonders.


The Prambanan temple, taller than the Borobodur and built a hundred years after the Borobodur approximately.