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Nevelsk, 11 May 2003

One of the first signs of spring on Sakhalin is the arrival of the sea lions in Nevelsk. The first land at the port's breakwater in February. By May, there are hundreds of them. With two cars filled with nine people, we drove one hour and forty minutes to see them with our own eyes.



The charming port.... To get to close to the sea lions, it's best to take a boat.
Plenty of boats of the fish inspection in the harbour. They have to fight poachers, who make billion of dollars a year on the black (Japanese) market with crab.










A typical sight in Russian harbours...
And there they are! They keep coming to Nevelsk, although killer whales make a habit of coming to the port and killed several.



A trip on Sakhalin without a shashlik party is unthinkable...

Roman here was in charge of preparing the meat.