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Watching the seals, August 2001

On a cloudy summer day in August we head 130 kilometres north of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to a place called Tikhaya bay - quiet bay. This bay is one of the favourite spots of Sakhalin's seals.


In Vzmorye, about an hours drive of the city, we stop to buy fresh crab for lunch. This 15 dollar crab is big enough for six hungry people.


Beautiful nature on the way. Wild tiger-lillies. Not for picking unfortunately...


You can't see the seals from the coast. Fishermen plenty who are willing to take us to the place where the seals try to hide from people like us.


Gotcha! Every time we had our camera ready, the dozens of seals disappeared. As if they were playing a game with us... This one was curious enough to stick his head out of the water long enough for us to make a picture. Thanks!


No shashlik this time, just crab. Actually it was the tastiest crab I've ever had in my life!


Our driver is a pretty good painter too. He made this painting in less than a hour. I already bought an easel so I can paint outside too next summer.