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Singing Dune, May 2000

Visiting the Singing Dune in the steppe, a three hour drive north of Almaty. We had heard why this dune was given its name. Soon we would find out it was true.


To get to the dune we had to cross the dangerous and fast-moving Sharon River.


It was a difficult climb up there in the shifting sand: one metre up, half a metre down.


Bit windy at the top.


Coming down, the same shifting sand caused a noise best compared to farting big time.


Friend Asia is the real hero here: she was the first to reach the top. Emile was second and I... wish not to mention my place in rank.


Nomad Asia...


The closest lake is at least a few hundred kilometres from here...


Washing the sand off in a hot spring in the steppe on the way back.