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Snow and spring, March - May 2001

We didn't believe spring was going to come after the snow storm in March 2001. Yet, it did.


Snowed in for two days in the beginning of March 2001. This was the only way out of the house.... Emile forgot to bring his computer home: two days off from work. Needless to say: no transportation to town.


And this is what the front of the house looked like after the last snow storm.


The compound: snow, snow and snow. The person in the back is our neighbour, bringing a pizza to the fitness centre where the local staff was stuck for two days.


After a few weeks in Holland, most snow had miraculously disappeared. Here Okhotskoye at the sea, a 45-minute drive from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in May.


Tiger was very happy that spring had finally come after six months of winter. He is outside most of the day now. Here he is watching the birds on our patio. Once he came home with two (!) birds in his mouth, sometimes it's just a mouse.


A Sakhalin flower in a swampy area. Yes, it is spring!!!!