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The Sakhalin Times 1 year, June 2002

It only started as a trial on 7 June 2001, the publication of the Sakhalin Times. But before we realized it, we already existed one year! Now, it's impossible to imagine life on Sakhalin without the Sakhalin Times. Reason enough for a party on 2 June 2002. It seems we have a subscription to rain during our parties, as it was raining cats and dogs during the baptizing of the first issue and it was raining heavily this year. A lot of people were scared off by the rain and the ticks (as we were having a picnic in the forest and we had just run an article about infected ticks in the previous issue...), but the hard core was there, together with some very enjoyable guests.



We actually had a cover to protect us against the rain and the ticks.



Robert Buhl here, of Exel, actually proved to have read the newspaper best over the last year, as he won the news quiz. He won a printing plate of the first issue.


Was Emile laughing or crying here? Who can tell... Truth is he extensively supported Petra with her newspaper stuff all through the year.
Russian partner Alexander Dashevsky with his partner Alla always have a good time.


The women are the in general the motor of the economy in the world, but especially in Russia.


You can find the Sakhalin Times on the web at

We are currently working on the design of the website, complete with search button and archive. Other future plans are subscription for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and later the Russian Far East and other interested companies and individuals.