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Relaxing in Thailand, January 2001

After three months of heavy snow in Sakhalin, I thought I deserved some sunshine. Unfortunately, Emile couldn't make it. Only the girls this time... Binabob and Asia came all the way from Kazakhstan, where winter strikes hard as well, this year.


We acted as real culture barbarians. After three budha's we had seen enough of Bangkok. The first day we booked a flight to the island Koh Samui.


Bina tried Thai massage immediately. Completely relaxed on day two already!


The prawns are really big here. Bina and me consumed liters of this spicy Tom yan koong soup.


Our resort in Buddha bay: it was situated as close to the beach as you can get. This is the room of our neighbours, but our view was similar.


Our favourite breakfast table.


Boat trip to the neighbouring island for snorkeling and diving. I finished an open water diving course later that week.


Bina reached the climax of relaxation here...


Bina only stayed for one week. We had a farewell party with a few wines on the middle of the day.


Our massage lady Tongé gives Asia a relaxation treatment here. Objective reached...


I got a massage every day.


It was Asia's first holiday. But definitely not her last, judging from her happy face!


After the happiness the tears come. Last drink with our friends Sandrine from France on the left and Mr. E (as he calls himself) from Holland. In the middle Andy from Australia, who fell for Asia. And Asia fell for him...