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Visit to Tokyo, 30 & 31 August 2002

Between my visit to the Kuril Islands and return to Sakhalin, I had a day and a half in Tokyo. Great opportunity to catch up with some friends from Kazakhstan, go sight seeing and enjoy the Japanese food (as I was going back to a Russian food diet for a long period....).


This is Tokyo tower. Built just a few years after the Eiffel tower and just a few metres higher....


I was staying at Sakiko's place, whom I met in Kazakhstan. She is very pregnant here. Contractions could start anytime..... Good thing it didn't happen, I would have had a clue what to do!


We went up Tokyo tower just before sunset, so we could have a beautiful view of the city at daytime and at night. Plenty of sky scrapers, that's for sure.


Just a street (all of them are so clean!).


Dutch people are not the only ones that like to ride a bike. Difference is that they ride on the pavement instead of on the road. Walking on the pavement, I was almost run over.


Buying a wish for the day is a popular thing to do when visiting a temple in Japan.


If you like the wish you bought, you take it home. You don't like it? You leave it at this rack in the temple. I was lucky and bought good fortune.